MEXLAW is the only Mexican based law firm that is owned and operated by licensed Canadian and American Lawyers that have partnered with Mexican lawyers. We are accountable for our conduct, integrity and competence to our professional order and to our clients. Our professional standards are among the most recognized and respected internationally.

We have the experience and the competence to represent you through the entire process of acquiring real estate in Mexico. All you do is choose the property.

Mexican Law International Standards


Our Services


We accompany you through the process of purchasing real estate in Mexico. This includes negotiating and reviewing offers, title searches, drafting agreements & Title Guarantees.


Our team of experienced lawyers can assist you in every area of Mexican Law including personal injury, labour law, business and commercial law as well as customs and import matters.


We manage your immigration status in Mexico and offer our immigration services to Mexicans who want to travel abroad or to foreigners who want to reside or work in Mexico.


MEXLAW offers Escrow Services by receiving transaction funds “In Trust” in a segregated special lawyer’s Trust Account. These funds are insured by our professional organizations.

Our Expertise

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Our Alliances

Meet Our Multidisciplinary Legal Team



CEO / Founder


CEO of MEXLAW, Charles graduated from the University of Ottawa in 1982 and has been a member of the Bar of Quebec since 1983 with occasional practice at the Bar of Ontario. His career spans more than 35 years during which he has litigated civil matters before all instances in Canadian courts. Charles is also a successful entrepreneur and has participated in multiple real estate transactions and commercial negotiations. He is an Attorney and CEO of Tibshirani Avocats, a respected law firm in Montreal, Canada.



Lawyer / Senior Partner


Attorney and Senior Partner at Mexlaw, Gerardo is a law graduate from the Interamerican University for Development in Merida and certified as an English language speaker by the Britannia General English Program (Vancouver, Canada). His experience includes corporate law, labor law and notarization (trading, donation wills, corporations, faith acts, contracts, agreements, etc.). He practiced as legal counsel and as a legal analyst in Merida, Yucatán. Gerardo was recently certified by the National Association of Mexican Notaries for his participation at the seminar of Legislative Fiscal Update.





A member of the Quebec Bar Association since 1984, Edouard has extensive experience in private practice with more than 18 years in medium and large Quebec-based law firms, with a focus in commercial law, banking litigation, bankruptcy and insolvency, business restructuring, raising capital for startups, including involvement as director of numerous private entities. Edouard is Vice President of Sawnode Technologies Ltd., a Quebec City-based manufacturing company selling specialty products to primary aluminum smelters in Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. He is also Executive Chairman and Founder of KOBO Resources Inc., a private junior mining company with exploration titles and activities in Cote d’ Ivoire, West Africa. He is a strategic advisor, having acquired more than 15 years of experience in the management of high tech and industrial companies.




Cinthya obtained her Bachelor of Law degree at Tec Milenio Cancun University in 2013. With over four years of legal experience, she is currently working toward a Masters in Corporate Law at the University Humanitas and has completed the following certifications: management skills, labor law and criminal law, Certification in General Principles of Constitutional Law, e-leadership, she has completed several specialized courses as Practical Study of the Tax Regime of Trustee (fideicomiso) and Corporate Analysis of the Commercial Company, and Assembly Records for Commercial Companies.




A law graduate from the Mexican University of Mexico City, Joseline has been a member of the Legal Bar of Tulum, Quintana Roo since 2014, and gained legal experience while serving as Civic Judge in Tulum. She has successfully completed many law courses specializing in criminal law and legal advisors in the new criminal system. Joselin specializes in criminal law and is currently working toward a Masters in the Adversarial Accusatory Criminal Justice System.




A law graduate from the Modelo University in Yucatán, México, Yael also studied in Università Degli Studi dell’Insubria in Como, Italy. She participated in the second national competition of oral proceedings in 2015 hosted by the American Bar Association (ABA ROLI) and the Institute of Criminal Sciences (INACIPE). She has successfully completed various law courses in matters such as criminal law, legal advisors in the new criminal system, civil law, public administration, human rights, injuries, compliance, and condominium law.




Marco obtained his Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Colima in 2013, and began to practice law in Mexico thereafter. Marco has successfully completed courses in Legal English and Business Structure Vocabulary and obtained his Business Law Master degree from the Universitá Degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” on 2017. His experience focuses on civil and business law matters.


Corporate Law

Laura received her law degree from South University in Playa del Carmen. She has over three years of experience in Corporate Law and has completed several courses including Dissolution and Liquidation of Commercial Companies, Practical Study of the Tax Regime of Trustee (fideicomiso) and Corporate Analysis of the Commercial Company, and Assembly Records for Commercial Companies.


Corporate Law

Susana is a law graduate from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, FES Acatlán, with more than ten years of legal experience specializing in corporate law. She has completed several specialized courses including Tax Contributions for Lawyers, Real Estate Development, The Assembly Records in Commercial Companies, Dissolution and Liquidation of Commercial Companies, Practical Study of the Tax Regime of Trustee (fideicomiso). Susana is currently working towards her Masters in Corporate Law at Humanitas University.


Migration Specialist

Adriana gained her experience providing relocation and immigration services for expats in her hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently, she is the MexLaw immigration specialist. She has successfully completed various courses regarding Mexico’s immigration laws and has extensive experience and a proven track record providing solutions to expats seeking residency, permission to work or business owners looking to employ foreigners in Mexico.



Yorman graduated in business administration from the Quintana Roo State University in 2016. He is a detail-oriented, efficient and organized professional with extensive experience in accounting systems.



Laura graduated in 2013 from the Inter-American University for Development with a degree in accounting and finance. With over five years’ experience with the accounting department and two years in the administrative area, she has completed several courses focused on electronic invoicing, taxes, and most recently, Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Provenance.


Customer Services

Maitane graduated from Public Relations and Languages at Quintana Roo University. She is an award-winning customer service employee with strong written and oral communication skills. She has over ten years of experience in solving client’s concerns and promoting conflict resolution.