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The Property Show is a biannual and innovative event geared towards consumers, professionals and investors alike. This event aims to provide investors with valuable knowledge about the latest offerings in real estate and property investment. The Property Show began to be held in 2009 in Toronto Canada. This year the event will take place on Saturday, April 25 at the Hyatt Regency Toronto, Ca. This show offers a wide variety of information and Seminars. Whether the assistants interest lies in resale or new residential homes, condominium or vacation property. If its real estate services or if the public is just looking...

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  Mexico has a complete legal policy on immigration, which is primarily regulated by the Migration Act and the General Population Act, among other laws, affecting both Mexicans and foreigners. In this newsletter, we will focus on explaining the different methods by which foreigners wishing to visit, either for tourism, business, retirement, work, study, or for those seeking permanent residency in Mexico or Mexican citizenship Firstly, we look into the classifications of a foreigner in Mexico: a. Non-immigrant: this is a person who, with the permission from the Ministry of the Interior, enters a country temporarily either as a: (i) tourist; (ii) trans-migrant; (iii)...

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A recent tragic incident has emphasized the importance of having a Will. One of our clients died suddenly of a heart attack and had no Will made in Mexico. His Mexican family claimed that he died intestate, therefore his children born here and his second wife were entitled to his estate. His Canadian family, relying on a previous, older Will, claimed to be his only legal heirs. This dispute will definitely cost thousands of dollars and last several years before it is resolved. It could have been avoided. Assuming you have a Will prepared in Canada or the U.S., should you...

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