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The Personal Injury Lawyers team at MexLaw are dedicated to obtaining a fair and quick compensation for injury victims recovering from tragic accidents. Our team of lawyers, assisted by researchers and investigators, practice exclusively in personal injury and wrongful death compensation for incidents suffered by foreigners in Mexico.  In most cases, we work on a contingency-fee basis, and you will not be expected to pay fees unless we win your case.  If you are seeking just compensation in a professional and timely manner, trust the Personal Injury Lawyers at MexLaw to represent you. Each personal injury case is unique and having a highly qualified, experienced Attorney is therefore imperative.

Personal injury practice areas: car, motorcycle and marine vehicle accidents, product liability, medical malpractice, premise liability (“slip and falls”), wrongful death cases.

Millions $ Recovered

 Over the years, the Personal Injury Lawyers at MexLaw have recovered millions of dollars to compensate their clients for the injuries and suffering caused by defendants whose unsafe, negligent and careless conduct caused them harm.

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If you are the victim of an accident in Mexico, the first thing you should do is record for future reference all the circumstances relating to the incident.  As soon as possible and circumstances permitting, take as many pictures as possible, obtain the names of witnesses, collect receipts and invoices, and write, in your own words, the circumstances of the incident, with as much detail as possible. If you wait for later some of the important facts may be forgotten. Then, contact the Personal Injury Lawyers at MexLaw to assist you.

Should I file a claim?

If you have suffered a physical, emotional or financial loss due to the negligence or omissions of another person or business then you have a claim for compensation and damages in Mexico.

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Legally, every tourist attraction, including hotels and beach clubs that offer services are required to obtain liability insurance to compensate foreigners for any damages suffered by them on their premises, or during the exercise of an activity resulting from negligence or omissions. The same applies for owners and operators of vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks and maritime transport. They also require insurance coverage to operate and are liable for the damages caused to third parties by their negligence or omissions. Plaintiffs have a limited time in which to file a lawsuit.  If you are considering taking legal action and have not yet consulted with a solicitor, you need to be aware of these time limits for taking action and should seek help from the experienced Personal Injury Lawyers at MexLaw

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The first step to obtain a fair and quick compensation for your injuries and losses starts by contacting the Personal Injury Lawyers at MexLaw. Once we receive your contact form, our lawyers will review the information and respond within 24 hours

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You will be required to provide information about all the victims involved, material losses and detailed circumstances of the incident. This information will remain confidential. Our Personal Injury Lawyers will review each case individually and provide a detailed action plan of what will be necessary to obtain compensation. We work on a contingency-fee basis and will not be paid unless you win. We will require a small retainer for expenses incurred on your behalf. These expenses will be reimbursed to once we succeed.