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Timeshare Cancellation Services

The Personal Injury Lawyers team at MexLaw are dedicated to obtaining a fair and quick compensation for injury victims recovering from tragic accidents. Our team of lawyers, assisted by researchers and investigators, practice exclusively in personal injury and wrongful death compensation for incidents suffered by foreigners in Mexico.  In most cases, we work on a contingency-fee basis, and you will not be expected to pay fees unless we win your case.  If you are seeking just compensation in a professional and timely manner, trust the Personal Injury Lawyers at MexLaw to represent you. Each personal injury case is unique and having a highly qualified, experienced Attorney is therefore imperative.

Timeshare Contract Review


Timeshare sales members want the deal closed in one day, but you need to step away to have an attorney review the contract before you sign. If the salesperson threatens that the offer will not be available at a later time, walk away.

Timeshare Contract Cancellation


In Mexico, there is a five business day grace period to cancel a timeshare contract. If you are within the rescission period, hire a Mexican real estate attorney to send a certified letter to the resort requesting a cancellation of the contract.